Mid-April SPARQ Rankings: Wide Receiver

UPDATE 4/20: The SPARQ table now includes most players with pro days occurring prior to March 20th. The image is a much higher-resolution than was used previously. Note that the “Comb.” column refers to those who were invited to the NFL Combine in February. Any numbers that are underlined and italicized comes from junior day data via Tony Wiltshire.

Note that the “Percentile” and “z-score” columns refer to the NFL positional averages and not to the draft positional averages. This means that a 0.0 z-score and 50.0 percentile would represent a player who rates as a league-average NFL athlete at the position. The average NFL player is pretty athletic, so this designation is not at all a poor result.

Disclaimer: pSPARQ is not perfect and will not yield a perfect representation of any player’s athletic profile. It is meant to give us an idea of where a given player stands athletically relative to his peers. If you have any questions about the particulars, I posted an FAQ: https://3sigmaathlete.com/faq/.

Click on the images to make them readable.

All above the 50th percentile (i.e., above-average):


All below the 50th percentile:




23 thoughts on “Mid-April SPARQ Rankings: Wide Receiver

  1. arifmhasan

    My WR athleticism scores here: http://i.imgur.com/Meff8eO.jpg

    First column of scores is generic athleticism, the second column is a weighted score that weighs the workouts according to how much they seemingly influence WR success, as measured by CAV (most of the time, they are filters and not linear increases in value, which corresponds with your “functional athleticism” point).


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    1. zachwhitman Post author

      That’s pretty cool. I’ve been slammed with work and haven’t had any progress in seeking out a good solution. If anyone has a good way to do it on WordPress, let me know.


  3. Pat Kerrane (@pkerrane)

    Will you be updating these scores with Pro Day Results? I’d be curious to see how much Funchess jumps up given his improved 40 time, or Amari Cooper after the NFL informed teams he actually ran in the mid 4.3s.


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  8. DavHawk

    Zach – Amazing work. I’m curious as to where you get your pro day numbers. It seems like they often differ from figures that are otherwise available and I’m wondering if you have some better source.

    One example might be Gavin Lutman WR Pitt St given he is relatively unknown and I could only find one report from his pro day upon a google search (from Tony Pauline). You have him listed at 6021 206 with a 4.5 40, a 4.2 SS and 9 BP. Tony Pauline has him weighing in at 6030 214 with a 4.46 40, a 4.09 SS with no BP results.



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