UPDATE 4/29: This is the final update of the 2015 rankings. Rows that are shaded light blue designate players who were invited to the NFL Combine in February. Any numbers that are underlined and italicized come from junior day data via Tony Wiltshire, who also provided pro day data for the rankings.

Note that the “NFL%” and “z-score” columns refer to the NFL positional averages and not to the draft positional averages. This means that a 0.0 z-score and 50.0 percentile would represent a player who rates as a league-average NFL athlete at the position. The average NFL player is pretty athletic, so this designation is not at all a poor result.

Disclaimer: pSPARQ is not perfect and will not yield a perfect representation of any player’s athletic profile. It is meant to give us an idea of where a given player stands athletically relative to his peers. If you have any questions about the particulars, I posted an FAQ:

If you’d like a hard copy, there’s a PDF version available here.

This sheet will be updated throughout the draft. Please note that the measureables used to calculate each player’s SPARQ can be found by scrolling to the right of the “NFL%” column.

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